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New Year Resolutions

It feels like as soon as August is over, the months sprint in fast forward to Christmas and New Year!

With the New Year and new decade quickly approaching, you may be starting to think about New Year’s resolutions…

As January 1st appears new gym memberships boom, everyone hermits as dry January arrives, the #newyearnewme hash tags come flying at us left right & centre and all of a sudden we become supersonic goal setters with cleansed organs.

Historically New Year’s resolutions have been going on for 1000’s of years; there were various religions that started the idea of New Year’s resolutions to either make promises to their God or to reform on any bad doings they may have done in the previous year. Julius Ceaser from the Romans to name one person who decided that January 1st was the beginning of a New Year and that everyone should make resolutions.

In more modern times New Year’s resolutions tend to be more focused on self-improvement. The most common ones being focused on:

  • Saving/spending less Money

  • Weight loss

  • Exercise

  • Healthy eating

  • New job/career

But I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that over 80% of people will have forgotten about their resolutions by February. So why are we unable to stick to our resolutions and see them through for longer than a month?

Resolutions are like goals, however if your WHY isn’t big enough and you don’t have an achievable action plan to put those resolutions in place, you’ll be dropping them quicker than you thought them up.

So how can you stick to your New Year’s resolutions?

  • A few things, your resolutions/goals need to be clear, concise, achievable, personal to you & broken down into smaller chunks with actionable plans

  • What is your WHY? I cannot stress this enough, you need to really get down to the nitty gritty of why you want this resolution/goal. Do you really want it? Or is there something deeper you want that you’re masking with something else? What will you gain/lose if you do or don’t achieve this resolution? Is it for you or for someone else? How will it make you feel?

  • Don’t just allow the resolution to float around in your head as an idea. Get it written down, somewhere where you can read it daily as a reminder. Heck even make a vision board to get your creative juices flowing and make it more appealing with images and colour or record yourself a voice memo if that will help you as a daily reminder

  • Make your resolution SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

  • When do you want to achieve this resolution by and what results will you see to know you’ve reached it? If you set yourself unrealistic time frames then you’re going to make your resolution harder for you to reach, you’ll be disappointed early on and then end up giving up. Set yourself a realistic time frame!

  • There’s no need to rush, resolutions and goals depending on what they are can take time, habits need time to be changed, this doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency, perseverance and patience will help you to get to where you want to be. You may need to break them down into smaller chunks to gradually reach your desired outcome.

An important point, you don’t have to set resolutions on January 1st or even at all! You also don’t have to wait a whole year to start again. You can start resolutions/goals at any time in the year!

And unless you really want to, don’t put that pressure on yourself to jump on the bandwagon if you don’t really want to set a resolution or goal. Do it for you if you really want to and when you’re ready to make the changes. And if you’re making resolutions or goals that are to please someone else rather than to please yourself, they are never going to work.

And listen, there is no such thing as failing; everything we do in life is learning. So if you’ve tried a resolution/goal before and didn’t quite get there, what did you learn from your last experience? What did/didn’t work? Take those learning’s to change the way you set out your resolutions/goals and a different route may work better for you.

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